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Low Budget Makeover Pictures

15 years ago

This is so I don't hijack somone else thread, but the question got me thinking.

Do any of us have pictures of the simpler stuff?

When we moved into our house, the kitchen had not been touched since it was redone approx 1950. I hated it. It did not have enough counter, storage, and the color grated. Knowing that any kitchen remodel was 5-10 years away, I reasoned that a $200 facelift was reasonable and would make me tolerate it better:

I bought $1 roll wallpaper with a border

Melamine board to make an appliance counter with WalMart storage carts underneath

Pulled off the soffit, attatch a piece of moulding to the ceiling, cut 2 pieces of left over plywood to make sliding doors to hide christmas stuff.

Painted the floor black and then added 3 coats plyurethane.

Painted the trim.

While it is a slap together job, it has made me actually like my kitchen, to the point that I could work on the rest of the house's overhaul. Yes, we are now 7 years later finally begining to think about a remodel, but meanwhile, I was much happier.

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