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Lake Cottage needs a makeover with minimal budget

Jessica Hunt
last month

We bought this very old three seasons cottage and plan on eventually tearing it down in 5-8 years since the lot is teeny tiny and we have no choice if we want to build a new home.

Anyway, we don't want to spend a lot of money. What can I do to get the most bang out of my buck? How would you place the furniture? I'm really struggling with this one.

Attached are pictures--

I plan on painting the outside and the bathroom.

Installing a new vanity and vanity light.

Painting kitchen cabinets.

Looking for furniture placement advice? (This one is driving me mad!)

Rug placement based on furniture placement?

Paint color recommendations? Exterior? Kitchen cabinets? Possibly leaving interior white?

Oh I have ZERO ability to fix anything, so there's that! ;)

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