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Please help me transform my kitchen and dining room

12 years ago

I got a lot of help in the gardening forums after I impulsively planted 500 raspberry plants on our teeny farm. After lurking in this forum for awhile I know I can get some advice for my home. I also know I'm completely out of the league when it comes to homes and kitchens in this forum. My DH was just happy that our lovely acreage and huge barn came with a house. So I'm a bit embarrassed to post these but here goes. Just realized I can't copy pics into the message so I attached a link to photobucket. Hope I'm doing this right.

My kitchen...

My dining room...

My living room (for reference)...

Additional help - I love the farmhouse style. I hope to paint my cabinets (white or gray or?) and add hardware, install new concrete countertops (what color?) that my hubby will make (he does decorative concrete), a farmhouse sink, install new light fixtures (ideas?), get a new stainless/black fridge, and possibly new backsplash. Unfortunately budget is a big deal - I hope to add new wood (possibly plank) flooring and a farmhouse dining table when I've saved my $.

Things I really do not like about our house. Low, 7 foot ceilings. My dear friend photoshopped a picture for me (before she left for Africa) with these suggestions to make the ceiling appear higher. I plan on taking her advice.

Things I have that I love.

This painting which has sentimental value.

And this little dresser I impulsively painted a few days ago and hope to put in my dining area.

I also like these curtains (for my dining area) from World Market if you think this Asian look could possibly fit.

Colors for cabinets, walls, backsplash and countertops and then pulling it all together have me absolutely sweating. Please help. :)



Here is a link that might be useful: photobucket link

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