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Down feather wrap versus poly wrapped foam

9 years ago

I know it has been discussed and I have read. And also understand it is a matter of personal preference. But would love to hear others' thoughts and experiences.

Am trying to decide on down/feather wrapped versus the standard poly wrapped foam for an English chair and ottoman. Mostly likely Carolina Chair.

From what I've read -- down feather is softer, plusher but will need frequent, at least once a week, turning, fluffing and will mat down after several (5? 8?-- I know, it depends . . .) years and need re-flling. Which is not that big a deal, I guess.

Poly cushions hold their shape better and are firmer-- much firmer to start, but they too soften up.

So which do you have? What do you like and why? What would you recommend?

I am a smallish princess-and-the-pea kind of body and am leaning toward the down/feather, but afraid of making a mistake.

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