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Swimming AFTER Plaster Timeframe?

10 years ago

My A&S pool is filling as I type and we will have our start up meeting tomorrow or the next day. We have been told by our PB that the proper protocol is 2 full weeks of brushing the plaster and then 2 weeks of chemical balancing - totalling approx. 28 days. before we can swim in it. (Absolutely should not use heater until 28 days out too.) Basically, when I chat with all different people I hear conflicting "instructions". Some have said, you can swim immediately as soon as the pool is filled, the plaster "dust" and chemicals won't be affected. While swimming sooner sounds interesting, I would like to hear some opinions on this forum as to what protocol you have followed or if you are a Pool Professional, have instructed to your clients.

Pool Guy Scott, in case you are reading :), I know you will be visiting me soon for my pool cover measurement, I am glad to hear that you are doing ok!!!!

Thank you!

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