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Mostly finished white/chocolate galley

15 years ago

I re-oiled the countertop yesterday and got rid of all the stray paint splatters (no matter how careful I am, I always end up with strays). Figured this was a good time to take some pics and post my "finished" kitchen. There are a few things left to do, but who knows when they will be finished.

- Re-install dishwasher (waiting on a replacement part)

- Find and install lights (above sink and open counter area in the kitchen proper)

- Add the "pretty" stuff (window treatments, accessories, blah, blah, blah)

It'll happen when it happens. I'm not going to rush it and end up with things I don't like. Besides, I have a lot of other things to do and don't want to wait on more kitchen indecision!

My kitchen, like everything, was mostly DIY. Things I DIDN'T do myself:

- Drywall (because I believe you should always hire out drywall)

- Cabinet install (included with the build)

- Countertop

- I did most of the plumbing, but in order to enlarge the opening to the DR all pipes to the upstairs bath had to be moved. I hired that one out because I didn't want to mess with it and I'm glad I did! It took two plumbers a full 9-hour day.

- My HVAC guys custom fabricated the exhaust vent to maneuver around pipes in the ceiling. While they were here for that, I had them re-locate the HVAC vents to the kitchen and DR

- My boyfriend helped me remove the load-bearing wall between the DR and nature room beyond. Technically not part of the kitchen, but it allowed me eliminate a door and extend the cabinet run.

Sounds like I didn't do much! But as you all know, there are a LOT of other things involved in a gut remodel. I need to show the befores for anyone to appreciate the result, so here goes. I had started packing up (and in some cases tearing into walls) before I remembered to take pics. It was even messier than usual.

Used to lead to the basement; the original kitchen had FOUR doorways

Fridge used to be where the hole is

Filthy stove and stolen corner (yes, i cooked with the help of a shop light)

More filthy stove. Admittedly, it could have looked better, but I did not want to expend the time or effort to clean this pit. The worst part was the cabinets with too short shelves that were NOT adjustable.

I HATED this window. The divider was right in my line of sight. Note the neon-yellow mini-blind to match the countertop.

Other side of the pipes is the dining room; room to the left is the "nature room". Note the upper cabinet that would not close because it was too full!

What happens when you put carpet in a kitchen. DON'T DO IT!

And now for the mostly-after (click to embiggen)


(Do I have to take the 'Made in Italy' sticker off the range now? LOL)

I realized later that herringbone pattern is typically horizontal. Oops. I totally meant to do it this way. It's like flames coming off the stove. :)

cat door to the basement

window "sill" made by my countertop fabricator

Floor - Cork glue-down tiles from Duro-Design; pattern - Edipo; color - Cointreau

Cabinets - local custom shop; painted SW Snowbound SemiGloss. It's a crisp white with a tiny bit of warmth.

Countertop - Richlite in Chocolate Glacier

Backsplash - Landsdale Carrara from the Tile Shop

Vent Liner - Prestige

Range - Fratelli Onofri Double Evolution

Faucet - Moen Level

Dishwasher - Fisher Paykel dishdrawers

Sink - Kohler SmartDivide IronTones

Fridge - JennAir CD FD Floating Glass

Hardware - Asbury series from Restoration Hardware

Undercab Lights - Kichler 1" line-voltage xenon

Kept the old microwave and toaster oven. Ugly as they are, they're staying until they croak.

One minor lesson learned that I want to share because it bugs me.... I insisted on finding undercab lights that were not fluorescent because I wanted to be able to dim them. Well, you know what? If they're on, they're on high. I NEVER dim them. I wish I would've saved some $$ (now and in the future) and gone with fluorescent.

I still check in on the forum every once in a while, but not nearly as obsessive as I was during the thick of the work. You guys are like no other online community I've found. Thanks to everyone here for your inspirational remodels and helpful, patient advice.

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