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Sabjimata Finished Kitchen : Functional Island Galley

13 years ago

Whaaaa! Finally....I did it! I got my finished kitchen cleaned, photographed, blogged and now...POSTED!

It took me a few days to get it onto my blog, so forgive me for just linking and not totally reposting here. The blog post I am linking is my "Details" page. On the bottom of that is a link to how I arranged my storage and also a "Before & After" photo-a-thon.

We did a lot during the remodel--including updating the majority of our electrical throughout the house as well as replacing all the windows. Our house is located "in town" in Alachua, Florida. It is a semi-rural town 20 minutes from University of Florida.

I have no idea what the design trends are in this area other than it has been hit hard by the housing crisis. I think there is a fair amount of light maple shaker style cabs and dark/uba tuba granite. I definitely brought my Northern sensibilities into our remodel.

Our house is, like I mentioned, in town--which isn't much of a town. Anyway, town is pretty much a neighborhood of 1950's/60's Florida block homes with a few 100 year old wooden cracker homes mixed in. Due to the era it was built in and the concrete blockness of it, our house is, at best, "modern," although not much design-wise ever capitalized off that.

We moved supporting walls to make the kitchen bigger and the dining room more functional. We spent between $65 and $70k for the remodel. Personally, I think we got a lot of kitchen bang for the buck.

The kitchen is an island galley and I am calling the style "Modern Classic." Whatever lol. I was inspired by a lot of the white kitchens out there, but admittedly am not such a fancy gal to go full on Peacock. I like quirk but didn't want to over-quirk to such an extent that we would get sick of it.

A lot of my choices were "must haves" for functionality--I cook pretty much everything from scratch and we are huge homebodies. But I totally made style choices based on price--save for my Anthropologie curtains ;)

Blah blah blah, not so interesting. Below is the link, if you have a question, I will gladly open my chatterbox.

Thanks for all the info I gleaned lurking for years on this forum. And when the loan was approved and I started feeling the urgency of *I need the answer now* kind of questions, you guys were there for me with your expertise and opinions. XOXOXO

This website is a great resource and hope my kitchen helps someone else out one day. Like someone just posted on here--this is the most active forum on the Garden Web!

Wishing everyone good times in the kitchen!


Here is a link that might be useful: sabjimata finished kitchen

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