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Advice on new deck...On top of concrete, or remove concrete?

12 years ago

My wife and I are going to build a deck off of our back door, but the problem is that it opens to our concrete driveway. My question is, does it really affect the integrity of the structure to build on top of the concrete vs. digging up concrete and anchoring in the ground? Now, this is going to be a very small deck, no bigger than 11x13 feet, and that's why I ask. Not very much weight will be on it, a grill and patio furniture, and the deck itself will not weigh as much as a car, and we don't have many friends. To me, with it being such a small deck, anchoring the 4x4's to the concrete should be enough, each spaced no further than 4 ft. apart, which would be about 8 total. That would spread the weight out enough across the concrete. The drive has been there for 11 years, so settling anymore shouldn't be an issue, and it's already sloped away from the house somewhat, so water run-off shouldn't be an issue. And we would give it enough clearance above the concrete for airflow, like 2 to 3 feet or so, with lattice around the bottom or something to that effect... What do you all think? I was hoping someone has been in this same situation before... Thanks for any advice you can give.

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