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Need Advice on New Concrete Driveway Issues

ky17 KY
5 years ago

New concrete driveway was poured in February. There were a lot of issues during the pour including a heavy rain on the top section, the middle section they ran out of concrete and had to wait for a truck (so texture was really bad and some aggregate was showing), brush finish was inconsistent, there was unevenness and there were significant areas where it would hold water when it would rain, and the metal control joints were not visible and there is cracking and chipping where the control joints should be.

The concrete company tried to fix it by putting on an skim coat. Over the past months the concrete has started to chip and crack, texture is very uneven and it looks really bad. They said they would grind down the driveway and resurface but they just put another skim coat (still looks bad) and I'm concerned that over time it won't hold up. Joints are not even visible since they were covered even more by another layer of concrete. I asked what was used and they said it was concrete powder mixed with concrete adhesive.

I would really appreciate advice from anyone on what can be done to fix this.

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