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Help with my kitchen remodel layout

11 years ago

The attached is my proposed new improved kitchen layout. Currently the space on the left contains a small round dining table and no cabinets. I have a formal dining room which is now open to the kitchen space after changing the location of the doorway and expanding it into an 8 foot wide arched opening.

I do not want to move the location of the sink, dishwasher, range or refrigerator. The LG french doored refrigerator is counter depth and only a few years old. It will stay. The current range is an old glass top electric which will be replaced by a 30â gas range, probably an NXR. The gas line is already installed and the vented hood (Kobe) is on order. The dishwasher and sink will be replaced but not relocated.

What I have done with the layout is to open up the space between the interior of the âÂÂUâ by adding the trash cabinet and the 36â corner cabinet where there is currently a standard blind corner cabinet.

I have added an overhang to the peninsula with enough room for 2 counter height stools. There are just 2 of us living in the house and we have the nearby formal dining room for entertaining and a large patio where we eat about 8 months out of the year.

Additionally I have added the row of 18â deep cabinets along the side wall. These need to be shallow in order to stay out of the sliding glass door opening noted on the drawing.

My biggest problem with the layout is the short (37âÂÂ) blind corner cabinet. As it is currently laid out, it will only have a 12 in wide access door. I donâÂÂt mind stuffing it full of seldom used items but it will not be very accessible or elegant. I really want the pull out spice rack which is why I had to shorten the blind corner cabinet. Does anyone every just seal the corner off and not use that space. Am I missing any other ideas?

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