a grout cleaning tip

14 years ago

On some recent posts re: tile and grout for behind the range (and other areas), I'd mentioned that I'd noticed some slight discoloration (the grout, the tile, both?) just above the range's island trim. It wasn't a big deal and barely noticeable.

Well, today, I ran my oven at 500 degrees while trying to clean the oven. OMG, there appeared a very noticeable brown staining going up the splash a good 6-10" above the trim. I was going to take some Comet and very carefully try to clean the area in question (trying not to scratch the glass tile). I figured it couldn't look any worse than it did with the brown staining. Then, I remembered that we had a bottle of Soft Scrub with bleach in the house (our cleaning lady likes to use it in the bathrooms). The bottle was pretty much empty, except for some thick globs of the stuff, but I gave it a try with those globs on a regular sponge.

Hooray! It worked beautifully. I went over the entire splash above the range (up to the hood) and it did a great job. The tile and the grout look even better than it did before I ran the oven this morning (apparently there was some really slight discoloration overall that was noticeable only by its absence after cleaning with the Soft Scrub).

The grout is nice and white and the tile looks even better than it did before (kind of like those commercials where they'd show a white sock or towel that looked perfectly fine until they showed it next to one cleaned with bleach or some other product--one that practically sparkled with whiteness and made the first item seem dingy by comparison!). I finished up with a spritz of Perfect Kitchen spray and a wipe with some paper towel in case there was any lingering haze from the Soft Scrub.

I would imagine some of the other cleaning products with bleach might have the same effect.

I doubt this would work with all tile (I'm sure bleach wouldn't be too good for some materials), but I wanted to pass this along in case it might work for some here who've asked about keeping their grout nice and white.

I do have a question for the tile experts (Bill? Mongo?); we used a 15 year sealer on the grout (3 coats behind the range, maybe even all over)--AquaMix Sealer's Choice Gold. Would we need to re-seal the grout (at all or more often than every 15 years) if we use a bleach-based cleanser to clean the grout above the range?

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