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Move Washer / Dryer in to garage? PICS

14 years ago

Have a contract on this house, not enough kitchen cabinet space for me and wanted to know how much of a pain and how big of a cost moving the w/d in to the garage may be. The closet it's in would make an AWESOME large pantry. There's a tiny little bitty closet (seen in second picture) right next to it I'd love to make as one!

It's located in the kitchen, then there's a hall and across and over is my garage. Who does one call to find out how the drain line is going, and if you find it's under the garage, what would be the next step. Does it matter in knowing it's on a septic tank? There is a crawl space if that makes any difference.

If you've done something similar, if you don't mind me asking, what was involved and what did it end up costing?




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