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move litterbox outside of the house, anyone?

14 years ago

Hi, I am the parent of 2 INDOOR cats for 4 years now. We have a 3'x3' pantry/closet with a door, I installed a cat door and their litterbox is located inside.

This works well for the cats and us, it keeps the smell out (except when we open the door to clean out the box!). We have a very small home under 1000 sq ft. There was no better area for this.

Now, I am remodelling and I would like to reclaim this closet. Fortunately now we have fence and concrete slabs outside the house and this gives new possibilities. I have an idea to move the cat door to one of the exterior walls, build a little kennel/box outside and put the litterbox there. I live in CA and weather is mild (no freezing) A light bulb would keep this kennel pleasant temperature in winter, plus they need a little light to see what's going on. I will also install a probe to monitor the temperature, The project will be like adding a small room with a small door! MOST cats will fit between 16" studs you think? :)

I plan to introduce the change slowly with two litterboxes at first. Before I cut a hole in the wall and stucco, do you think it will work? Because of the small size of the current closet, they track out alot of litter into the house. The new "outhouse" can be built a bit bigger.

I keep envisioning a nice redwood kitty outhouse now. I was wondering if anyone has done a similar thing?

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