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Why are they selling me a power vent hot water heater?

12 years ago

I have a regular vent hot water heater that has a metal chimney that goes from the basement and out the roof of my 2story house. I will be getting attic sealing and a new high eff furnace as part of the njcleanenergy program. The program gives rebates based on energy efficient measure you take, air sealing is mandatory. To achieve the required level,I have been told I need a new hwh. My current one has efficiency in the mid 50's range. They are suggesting either a .63 or .66 power vent, or a .98 tankless.

Do they make more efficient direct vent (like I currently have)? If so, is it true when they tell me I will need the power vent because the sealing they will be doing will make it so there is not enough draft for the normal kind? I don't think they are sealing the basement. I am trying to figure out if they are selling me the power vent because I need it, or to make more money. I like the tankless option and am considering it, but if I can gain efficiency without going power or tankless I would probably choose that.

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