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Traditional Water heater V Power vented V Electric

6 years ago

I am getting rid of my oil furnace and getting a 96% efficient furnace which vents out the side of the house instead of chimney. The problem the gas hot water heater vents out of the chimney, which means I will need an $800 chimney lining put in. The other thing Is I need the chimney repointed and capped above the roof as well, which will probably be another $800 to $1000. I am debating on an electric or power vent hot water heating and then tearing down the chimney above roof and patching the roof. vs saying screw the chimney liner and fix the chimney for now. then maybe in a few years switch out the water heater. I know hot water on demand is way to expensive installed, so that isn't an option. does anyone know if a hybrid electric hot water heater needs a chimney?

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