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Making French Onion Soup A Day Ahead?

10 years ago

I'm hosting the appetizers/soup/salad portion of our neighborhood Christmas Progressive Dinner party on Sunday. I'd like to prepare as much on Saturday as possible, to simplify the work on Sunday. In an ideal world, all I'd have to do is pour the sparkling wine to serve with the appetizers, and pour the accompanying wine for the soup & salad. :)

I'm going to make Julia Child's French Onion soup, and I'd love to make the soup on Saturday (tomorrow), and keep it in the fridge overnight, warming it prior to serving it Sunday evening.

Do you experts think that will enhance the taste of this great soup or would I lose some of its flavor with this early preparation?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

By the way, several GW recipes are part of my appetizers, and I'm making Linda's famous bleu cheese dressing to serve on the salad. So you all will be a distant part of this evening.

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