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Please help pick a grout color ASAP!!! Bill V and everyone else!

14 years ago

Okay my tile is being installed tomorrow, after choosing for 5 months. I can't look anymore. Every sample I brought home was too pink, too yellow etc. My cabinets are dark cherry, floor is a light tile and counters are Venetian Gold but appears carmel instead of gold. I have been waiting for my kids to post a picture for me but they live out of town and I can't wait anymore. Went back and forth on subways or 4X4's in diamond pattern. Decided on the diamond pattern.

The sample says Milstone from Israel, honed, pearl is the color. It is a creamy beige color and I don't know what color of grout to pick. the one they are suggesting almost matches exact, but I like alot of the kitchens on here where the grout is a little lighter. Bill V you helped someone on here a while back with botticino tumbled marble, and she loved the grout color. I forget what she used, but my tile reminds me of the tumbled it has variations in the shades. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I never thought the grout would be a problem too, but the girl at the tile place said the grout is as important as the tile. Looking at the paper samples and little samples, you have no idea if it will come out lighter or darker. Bill does the grout usually comes out lighter or darker than the samples?

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