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What advice to give to someone who has never owned a cat?

13 years ago

I use the word "owned" loosely as cat people know that cats own you and not the other way around. I volunteer for an animal rescue and currently have two foster cats. These were not my cats but rather ones that were dropped off at the shelter. I have had them since April. I brought Sunny home first and a week later brought a solid white cat named Snowflake home to keep Sunny company as I couldn't let her around my resident cats. They get along great (ignored eachother at first but have recently started playing) Sunny is around 3 yrs old, an orange cat and very needy. SHe has had several litters of kittens (they think, as she was dropped off heavily pregnant) and she loves people. She is a lap cat, always wants to cuddle, cries when she thinks she is alone. She purrs like crazy when you pay attention to her. She lays on my back at night when I sleep and she is such a sweetheart, that if you are sitting on the couch she wants nothing more than to sit on your lap with her head on your chest and sleep. I love her dearly but she deserves a good permanent home. I had written a little blurb about her and put it on the animal shelter's web site. Someone saw it and wanted to meet her.

This woman has two kids and has NEVER had a cat before. She previously had dogs. I liked her when I met her because she was more concerned about what the cat ate and where she liked to sleep and things like that and not asking if she'd scratch her furniture. SHe is going to adopt her tomorrow and take her home. I'm making a list of things about the cat's personality and her schedule etc. Anything I should include for someone who has NEVER had a cat as a pet before? She lives in an apartment so Sunny will be an indoor only cat which is good. Any suggestions?

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