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Is this acceptable?? Septic tank...deck post directly above tank.

16 years ago

We are nearing the end stages of our renovation/addition. There have been numerous problems along the way. My husband has been telling our contractor he believes the septic tank was under the deck. (deck was put in much later in the renovation) They kept saying it was not. They gave us the system layout with a permit number and assured us it was nowhere near the deck. my husband asked them to locate the lids because he felt it was under the deck. Plus, we wanted to know where the lids were. The tank is NOT where the drawing places it. Sure enough, it's under the deck with several load bearing posts in cement right above the tank. It would make replacing the tank imopssible without tearing out the deck. The deck is on the second story.

We are discussing it with them now and they seem to think it's fine. They say it won't need to be replaced for 40 or more years. We disagree with it being "fine". This is a cement tank. What are our options at this point? Move tank? Extend the deck so posts are not sitting directly above?? Or is this acceptable. I did call the health department and he stated this was not to be done.



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