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Bone Cancer Pain Management

14 years ago

I have a 12 year old greyhound named Sydney (he's black and white) that I adopted over 10 years ago. He was recently diagnosed with cancer in his shoulder. He hadn't shown any symptoms, still yet he has not whined or cried about it. I took him to his Vet when he wouldn't put any weight on his left front leg. He would hold it up constantly. The Vet diagnosed him and told me my options with his treatment. I was told we could amputate but that he probably wouldn't live more than 6 months to a year, we could do chemotherapy - which was not an ideal option either per the Vet - or we could manage his pain until we decided to have him "put down" (I hate that term!). I made a promise to Sydney (and everyone out there who loves an animal like I love Sydney knows what this means) years ago that I would never let him suffer. He has been on pain medication for two months now. The medication does not appear to be working now. So I face a difficult decision. Do I continue to try to manage his pain? Do I make good on my promise to him to never let him suffer? I DO NOT know how to hold my dog as he dies! He is the only child I have ever had! I had four strokes and survived. He was there for me the whole time while I recovered. Does anyone have any advice that could speak to my heart?

Do I continue to manage his pain? Or do I make the decision to tell him how much I love him as he dies? I cry endlessly, it seems, about this decision. I know he is an old dog but that makes it no less painful. He does not cry with his pain but I see it in his face and the Vet says he is in pain with this. Thanks for your input. I fear this decision is coming ever closer. My heart just aches with this!!

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