The oldest kitchen remodel on GW...finally finished cherry kitche

11 years ago

This is almost yawn worthy but for me, it's an accomplishment because I can finally post our "finished" kitchen. OK not totally finished but 99% so I give up. I still have to hang the bamboo shades over the table nook and make the swag draperies for all of the windows (simple stuff, just to soften the shades).

So here it is:

Details are often forgotten in four years LOL But let me try...

Lacanche Range

SubZero Fridge

Kitchen Aid Trash Compactor

Some freaking rediculous expensive german dishwasher (not our choice...was a last min swap because the KA was 1/2 an inch too big).

Cabinets are all custom in one way or another, Omega custom line. The banquette is built of cabinets, with all drawers and doors opening. You will see the open areas on the corners...we have doors for those but our cat uses one to sleep in and the dog the other so we left them off for now.

We reused the original 80's oak floor and had it stained an ebony color.

The granite is called Fred (I've forgotten the name....It think it was thunder wave but I'll have to check).

The tile backsplash is Statements Status Handmade Crackle Finish. They did a matched finish to my original granite and then my granite dealer went out of business and stole that granite so we had to find another with the same color to match the custom made tile LOL This is the story of our remodel :)

The chickens are an ebay purchase, framed in Nordic Black Antique, which is also on the custom designed hood (by me, inspired by another GW hood). the insert if a vent a hood which we had rebuilt by a stainless steel manufacturer to fit the odd ball size of a french range. They also made the counter tops for that run and we LOVE them.

Faucets are Systema by KWC (main sink) Franke (pot filler) and gad Delta for the prep sink? The main sink is a Franke professional sink that we had welded into the countertop. The counter (stainless) has modified marine edges (raised 1/8") to stop spills on the inset cabs.

Each cabinet on the base has a toe kick drawer. The uppers are all 15" deep and the lowers are 27" deep on the sink run.

The lighting was restored by me and came out of a barn in Iowa (or Idaho...somewhere with an I). It's 1913 vintage. The spots and upper and lower lighting was all new.

What have I forgotten? I don't know...oh the walls. They were done by an artist we used in several areas throughout the house. They are made of portland cement, cloves, cinnamon, maple syrup (i'm not kidding) mud and many other witch craft tricks he had up his kilt.

The kitchen table is an antique that my great grandfather made. I recently antiqued it back to antique looking :)

So here it is:

First some originals; We removed the soffits which contained 100 can lights as well as two support beams which held up the building. Much engineering was involved, as well as a significant amount of wine and beer in the removal of those beams.



To put the remodel time frame in context...My son during the bid submission phase (he didn't like the bids):


He's 4 and a half now LOL


It's a 1983 townhouse. Walls were moved a bit, doors widened, and we replaced the windows despite it being against the rules (they haven't noticed). We couldn't change any of the outside walls and basically the foot print of the kitchen stayed similar to what it was when it comes to walls inside and out.

Here are a few views of the's a small space, and overly well lit (due to the light reflecting off the snow outside on the lake) so some pics are worse than others:

As I look at things like this I think of more stuff.Knobs are Anne At Home from a few of her lines in antique pewter. (probably called the eclectic homeowner or KD on drugs line after my kitchen is seen). There are over 25 different knobs from the lines in the kitchen.

The glass in the cabs is from a stained glass manufacturer in a soft amber tone. Love the stuffÂwhile it shows lots of stuff with a flash camera on it, itÂs pretty good at hiding messes in real life.

The cabinets are a natural cherry with a clear autumn glaze over them. The window trim is done in a custom color I made up which is basically a mix of very dark brown and black from Sherwin Williams.

The bench seating cost more than it should because three contractors did it and only one survived (each time it was ripped out and reorderedÂat our cost of course).

Here are some close ups. It wasnÂt easy given the odd angles involved. The final guy rocked and is permanently on staff LOL I adored him.

Hidden under the cabs are custom made vents to bring the air to the front of the cabs and seating when the HVAC outlet was covered. The vents are cherry (on the face) stained to match the cabs. The stainless routers were made by our custom stainless guys. I adore these guys.

My cab doors and drawers are called "beaded inset modified shaker"

The art is my ex-husbandÂs grandmothers coffee grinder and medieval drawings of herbs.

this is a port hole I tripped over when I was 17 or soÂthe stainless guys turned it into a lazy suzan for the kitchen:

Photobucket is trying to make itself beautiful and being slower than molasses so IÂll go ahead and post this as is and add more later if anyone cares for more details. But for nowÂIÂm done. Finally done with this freaking house! And ready to start the two new kitchens we have for the Victorian LOL I just canÂt give up this forum heh heh

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