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Gluten-free, no rice, oats, barley or dairy - help!

11 years ago

I've just moved into a neighborhood with a lovely tradition of Wednesday night drop-in soup. It's every Wednesday, no RSVP, no need to bring anything, just show up if you're around. It's usually hosted by the couple who originated this tradition who provide two soups, one vegan and the other for meat-eaters.

Naturally I don't want to arrive empty-handed and so will bake a loaf of bread, cut up some fruit, bring a bottle of wine, make a quinoa salad or whip up something else that seems appropriate.

The issue is that the hostess has some severe food restrictions, and half of what I bring she can't eat. I'd love to find some kind of baked good that I could make that avoids her limitation. She's gluten-intolerant, can't eat rice, oats, barley or any dairy. I don't think she can eat nuts, but olive oil seems ok. She can eat sugar. The only starches that I know she can tolerate are potato, quinoa and buckwheat.

The gluten-free flour I've found usually has rice so that won't work. I'm not sure if the King Arthur Ancient Grains flour will be ok (blend of 30% each amaranth, millet, and sorghum flours, plus 10% quinoa flour), but even if it passes muster, can it be used as the only starch? What about flour made from garbanzo beans? Has anyone tried that?

My neighbor has basically given up on eating any baked goods. Any ideas or tried-and-true recipes would be appreciated.

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