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My dog will not eat or drink, throwing up bile. Help!

16 years ago

Hi, I was hoping somebody could offer some advice with my situation. The story begins Sunday (3/23), my dog woke up in the middle of the night and began throwing up, about six times total.

The next day Monday (3/24) she vomited bile about another half dozen times during the day and had pretty bad diarrhea. She had one drink of water during the day, but would not eat any food.

On Tuesday (3/25), she would not eat or drink again in the morning, so I decided it was time to go the vet. This was her 2nd trip to the vet in 3 weeks as she just had her shots and wellness exam. At the vet she had an abdominal x-ray that revealed "no obvious obstructions at thie time, but there is an area of suspicious intestinal loops and the stomach wall was somewhat prominent." They gave her some IV fluids and sent us on our way with extra IV bags for me to do at home, Flagyl, special dog food, and a dewormer.

Today (3/26), she has shown no signs of improvement and just lays around, still not eating or drinking, but not vomiting. When I say not eating, I mean I have tried EVERYTHING. I am starting to get seriously worried, I am surely going to go back to the vet if her condition does not improve, but I was wondering if this sounds familiar to or if anybody on here can offer me some advice.

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