Does anyone have a Blanco Diamond Single Bowl Silgranit sink?

10 years ago

After months of lurking, planning, and building my dream kitchen (thanks Garden Web-ers!), I finally have an issue which I'm sure will benefit from your vast experience. During counter templating last week, the granite templater informed me that he did not think that my sink, the Blanco Diamond Silgranit single bowl sink (looks like a D-bowl sink), would fit in the standard depth sink base cabinet in the kitchen (he says he needs at least a 4" margin of granite at the front of the sink, among other things). Naturally, I am not pleased, given that I had sent the sink specs to the custom cabinet maker months earlier with that specific issue (will this sink fit in the sink base?). Now, the sink is large---20 13/16" front-to-back depth, 24" wide---but I cannot believe Blanco would sell a sink that could not be fit in a standard depth sink base without at least some kind of warning on their website. To compound the problem, due to other design issues, the sink base is only 24" wide (the sides are scooped though). The cabinet maker assured me numerous times that the sink would fit in this cabinet, and now it seems it won't.

Now, I understand that with the Diamond, the faucet needs to be offset to the side, and that any other openings (soap dispenser, air switch) need to be offset to the other side. Here's the question: Has anyone else run into this problem with this sink? Do I need to go back to the smaller size Blanco sink (the Precis single bowl--20 3/4" wide x 18" front-to-back depth)? Will I be happy if I do? The cabinet maker has suggested pulling the sink base forward to create more depth---which will require a new counter template and some major modifications to the sink base. Is the larger Diamond worth this? The only other option I see (which I'm sure the cabinet maker hopes I won't) is to enlarge the sink base and remake the two cabinets on either side. I'm so conflicted at this point, that I'm not sure that the larger Diamond sink is worth all this trouble and delay.

Any insight/sanity you can provide is most appreciated. TIA!

Here is a link that might be useful: Blanco Diamond single bowl specs

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