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Trim & Ceiling Paint Color vis-a-vis Cabinet Paint Color

12 years ago

Below is a partial shot of the top of the sink wall of my kitchen that's under construction. The trim starts with a "lip" (this is the piece right above where the tile ends in the picture, which is about an inch or so high), and then a flat panel above, before it meets the crown detail of the ceiling. This trim section is about 7 inches high.

My question is what color to paint the trim vis-a-vis the cabinets -- the same color as the (white) cabinets or should I make the trim pop a bit more and paint it a brighter white? And, then, should the ceiling color be the same as the trim color?

For background, my cabinets will be white, and the countertops will be bold-veined calacutta marble with a slab calacutta backsplash. The ceiling is low, 8 feet. The crown on the ceiling comes out several inches, and will "picture frame" the tongue and groove center portion of the ceiling. So basically the entire kitchen ceiling is wood.

(Sorry, I'm having a hard time explaining the trim, and unfortunately did not take a photo when our master carpenter mocked this up for me. Also, I can post the reflected ceiling plan if that would be helpful.)

There is a lot of white going on in this kitchen (sound of marcolo gagging). Ideas???? Thanks for your feedback.

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