Slab base cabinets with shaker uppers?

11 years ago

I am officially addicted to this forum and totally unable to have independent thought. Oh well!

We want slab doors for a variety of reasons (kitchen opened up to everywhere in the 1951 house, want it to "blend in"). All LOWER cabs will be natural maple or cherry, but the uppers and oven cabinet (down to floor) will be painted white. Because the only white slab option from Mid Continent is thermafoil- and we want paint- we are thinking to use shaker doors with glass (clear, frosted or narrow reed).

This is my question: To carry the white over the hood and oven cabinet- without glass (glass wouldn't work over the hood or wall oven, would it?) I would end up with a couple of true shaker doors. The glass shakers will be "true" but with the glass they look more like "glass doors" than "shaker doors".

Below the oven will be slab drawers painted white like the uppers.

The truth is, in any other house, I would do shaker in a second.. but we want slab with minimal handles (on the top edge of the drawers) in this home.

Can I pull off the mix?

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