Drawers have a design (such as shaker) but drawers are "slab" ?

Laura Ready
6 years ago

I am starting a reno on a home in two weeks. I have overloaded on cabinets, floor, granite, etc and have really enjoyed the information I have learned on this site.
Here is my question/issue: I really like the mission/shaker style -- some of the cabinet doors I really like are only available with "slab" type drawers, however (with no design on them). It wouldn't be a problem except all my base cabinets (except my sink) are ALL DRAWERS (something I decided on after lurking here!). Does anyone have a cabinet style like this? It seems like my cabinets would look as if they don't match each other.
Thank you for any input...and pictures are always a plus! (OOPS It should say "DOORS have a design" in my subject line)

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