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Does the camera I need exist? Newbie

14 years ago

Hi! I'm usually on the KT forum, but I need camera advice.

DH gave me a beautiful Nikon3000 yesterday. We will use it mainly to take photos of birds, wildlife, and the dogs while they're hunting.

I have an old Nikon Coolpix 5200.

I would like a camera with telephoto lens, say up to 200mm, and the easy use of a point and shoot.

The N3000 has me baffled. The book says I have to use the small viewfinder for my photos. Why does it have a huge screen on the back if I can't use it to frame my shots?

I'd like to download my photos directly to Photobucket.

Also, the Coolpix seems to have a "soft" focus. Every photo I take has to be adjusted in the Nikon program before I can transfere it to my computer.

Could you point me toward a digital or digital SLR that is very easy to use, and could function to take active wildlife photos, such as the dogs splashing through the sloughs.

Thanks so much, Caroline ~ (The last camera that I "understood" is my Nikon F!)

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