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crazy, silly stuff our pets do

rob333 (zone 7b)
10 years ago

jean's post of her cat burying its food made me think of all the silly things my cats do or have done...

Keegan: he liked to catch flies and crunch them. ick!; wouldn't stick his face to the water to drink, but instead, dabbed his paw with it and brought it to his mouth. Played fetch and talked like crazy. He liked to extend his paws across my shoulders as far as he could reach and I took that to be a hug. He loved to be held all the time. He was very very loving and give me loads of kisses all the time (I mean the long blinking kind, not sandpaper tongue). Smart little dude. Comforted me most when I was my sickest. He knew. Better than the people in my life knew.

Maggie: Also did the water trick, not always but often. She also likes to lick the bowl once you've just drained and cleaned it, but before you put the water in? Not a dry bowl, but what could she possibly get out of that?! I won't let her drink out of the bathroom faucet until I say "Do you want some water?" and the reply is two short mews to imitate wa-ter. She does this every morning. She likes to greet me at the front door (actually, it begins when I drive into the drive and I can see her sitting at the window meowing her head off!), dying to be petted, but runs under the table, sticking out her head only? to say pet me, but not really! I've been working with her and she will let me snuggle her close and hold her, but only at night, and only at bedtime. She loves to go outside on her leash and will walk around at PetCo, loving the attention people give her. She fostered with dogs and loves them.

Murphy: Bug hunter extraordinaire! So much so, he won't quit even when the bug is dead, still watching for them. Also is trained to come when called, will sit, beg, and loves to chase paper airplanes I make just for him. When my son is gone, I have to hide his bunny at night (not during the day) because he'll bring this thing, after hunting it and rabbit boxing it with his hind legs to my door and call to me that he's brought it. UGH! when it's 2AM. He also loves to eat my squash casserole, the one or two times I've made it. He almost never goes outside and is terrified no matter how long I wait at the door or how patient I am with him. Which is ok with me.

Both Maggie and Murphy "broke out" after the flood and I had to keep my widows open for ventilation and I was panicked! They're always inside and so I was walking around the neighborhood worried to death. When I got back, those scamps were sitting as pretty as you please on my front deck looking at me like where ya been? I coulda killed them. Cats!

How about you? What crazy things do your fish, dogs, birds, lizards, etc. do?

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