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What printer do you use to print your photos?

13 years ago

I have used an HP Photosmart1000 for several years and was always pleased with the quality of the photos, but a piece of the mechanism became disconnected, and now lost so I am looking for a new printer.

I do not need an all-in-one since I have a scanner, and no need to fax, but the copier would come in handy because the printer is already connected, and my scanner is not. Consumer Report seemed to recommend getting an all-in-one for the several uses it provided and I am now giving it some thought, but I saw an HP printer only today at Wal-Mart at around $40. and both ink cartridges combined at $30. These prices are a lot lower than my first HP.

The photos I print are wallet size through 8 x 10, and I have cameras in 5 & 10 megapixel, Nikon and Panasonic Lumix, respectively.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. Jane

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