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It's Time! Window Treatments Help is needed! (Pics)

11 years ago

We need to start with our window treatments before summer hits these west facing windows! But, I need recommendations!

The window trim in white-white, the windows are about 70"x70", and there are a lot of them (this is a new house).

The townhouse next to us just sold, and can see through our upper windows to our second floor, so privacy is needed.

The style : this house is for my son and husband, DH shares when he is in town on business trips, so masculine please.

Love HD silhouette style but they are pricey, don't know if a less expensive option would work. Can I combine different styled treatments, as every window in the house needs covering.



Motorized top shades would be a problem solver, but would there be another option that would work, less expensive?

So, my questions!? here goes!

Do we cover the top windows with a honey comb blind, then 'pretend' they are not there? If so, what color?

Or, do all windows coverings need to match on the large wall.

How much can we layer, or can we? Basic roller blinds hung on the inside, then a outside bamboo-styled shade that is always in the "up" position, then a fabric panel treatment on outside layer.???

We are also toying of using painter drop clothes as side panels, to try to soften the walls.

For two guys, would this to be feminine styled... or do I keep it simple. If simple is better, what would the recommendation be??

I am so stuck !!

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