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please critique this layout---island vs peninsula?

16 years ago

I've been tweaking a kitchen layout for 2 yrs and I haven't been able to decide on the best layout so I thought I'd ask this forum for some advice.


1) Is a peninsula or island better?

2) If we go with an island, is a prep sink mandatory because the island is between the fridge and sink? (And can you make a prep sink accessible from both sides?)

There are 4 doors so I drew in the traffic routes and penciled in the table and chairs.

Main goal: open and airy feeling.

Info: 3 cook kitchen. Almost no baking but microwave gets frequent use and it will be undercabinet in peninsula or island. Dishwasher is to right of sink and trash to left of sink in both layouts.


room: 23 ft long x 11'3" wide.

aisles around island: 42" on sink side, 41" on fridge side, 48" on stove side.

aisle around peninsula: 48"

Island pros: We like the "idea" of an island because we think it will look more open than a peninsula with aisles on both sides and because we like the "idea" of a main work prep table in the middle of the kitchen that can be used on both sides.

Island cons: The island is between the fridge and sink. We are concerned that in practice the island will not be used at all and prep work will be done at the sink or worse---that the island will be an obstacle and that we will forever be trotting around it like horses on a track to get from the fridge to the sink. (This could be allieviated by a prep sink but we are wondering if putting a prep sink a couple of feet from the main sink makes sense; and if you can make a prep sink accessible from both sides). We don't have experience with an island so we aren't sure what to expect.

Peninsula cons: We currently have a very different layout with a similar peninsula, but the peninsula's only function is as catch-all for paper clutter. We would be better off without a peninsula, except that in this layout, we have to have a landing zone for the fridge as either an island or peninsula. So if there is a peninsula, I am sure that due to habit it will be used as a paper clutter zone and we will feel cramped as if there is not enough prep space which does not give an "open and airy" feeling.

Peninsula pros: There is more elbow room and passing room; it may be more open even if it doesn't look or feel more open due to clutter.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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