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Holiday Food Gifts

10 years ago

I have a few friends & family members that I'd like to make gift baskets for this year. But, it's got to be super easy since my physical abilities are next to nil.

Here's what I'm thinking for the baskets. Opinions & other suggestions wanted, please.

1.) Citrus Salt (orange, lemon, & lime zest roasted with salt, whizzed thru my new KA FP, & packaged in 1/2 cup cute jars) Great on fish, chicken, or pork even a sprinkle on CCCs is great.

2.) Preserved Lemons (1 quart per gift)

3.) Spicy Wine Mustard and/or Spicy Guinness Mustard (again, cute small jars)

4.) Olives Marinated With Rosemary & Orange Peel (I think these will look nice in just a Mason jar with a ribbon.)

5.) Walnuts Toasted With Rosemary & Sage (How to package?) Great to use as a crust for fish, chicken, and/or pork.

6.) Homemade Yellow Cake Mix (including my organic powdered eggs & organic powdered milk plus dry vanilla powder from KA) so all they need to do is add water (most of my friends are not so enthusiastic of cooks & it seems many popular, quick, & easy desserts start with "A box of yellow cake mix...")

7.) Homemade BBQ Potato Chips (both regular & sweet potato mixed & in a KA clear bread bag tied with a ribbon). DH may (probably) will have to help with these but I know he'll be glad to lend a hand.

Anything else easy & fun???


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