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Hieght Chair - when to stop?

22 years ago

My DS is 20 months, and fits fine in his hight chair with plenty of room to grow. However I know friends with children the same age sit that right at the table. DS eats fine with a fork or spoon, but he makes a big mess, especially when he is not hungry. I can't trust him to keep unwanted food in the bowl or on the plate, so I prefer to keep using the hieght chair and TRAY. Also, its convenient for when I am not eatting with him, I can keep a better eye on him while I wash dishes or cook dinner.

He also likes to sit in the hieght chair and draw/color sometimes.

But now I am concerned that I might be holding him back or something by keeping him the hieght chair?

What do you think?

PS I know I shouldn't compare him to other children, but he seems to more advanced than some of these kids in most other ways, so I thought if they can sit at the table and eat now, than maybe he should too, and thats its my fault he still makes such a mess. - That I am holding him back.

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