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Grocery Store Shopping and Making Lists

13 years ago

Yesterday I decided to get my Grocery Shopping List together, as it's the day everything you may need for Thanksgiving dinner goes on sale. (I also thought it was a good idea to GO before everyone else decided to, as the stores get crazy this time of year.) Because I didn't have the sale flier in hand, I went online to look it up. OK, I feel remiss in that I didn't know that my store had a ''shopping list'' that I could make by clicking on the sale item in their flier. It even puts it in store categories for me like Produce, Dairy, Center Aisles, etc. I printed out my list with 80% sale items and it was so easy! Where have I been?

I didn't notice anyone else at the store using this print-out list, and wondered how many of you already know about this? Does your store have this feature and do you use it?

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