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Found a painter I liked but now my flooring guy says he can paint

14 years ago

I am getting paint quotes for painting my two room home office with two coats and no primer before the hardwood floors are installed with most painters saying they will come back for touch ups and to paint the trim and quarter rounds afterwards.

It amazes me at the difference in the price quotes for a room that is 30'7" long X 12'3" wide with two tiny foyer areas that create less wall space in the two areas so the two foyers are not that big but one has 4 doors to paint the white semi-gloss or gloss paint on.

So far I really like the person who came by this morning early who unfortunately has the highest quote since he seemed to know what he was doing, was highly recommended, painted two areas on the wall so no old paint color was showing that seemed to help me much better than all the paint samples I painted with the two colors on various walls with different lighting, was so knowledgeable on sheens and brands and the way he talked about spackling and preparing the wall. He gave me a price of $1100 if using BM Regal Pearl Finish with no primer and $1250 if using BM Aura. He would supply all materials and paint and do the spackling and preparing the wall by roughing it up and fixing areas that need fixing he said. He will bring two helpers.

My other quotes are $475 that includes paint but does not list which paint and does not list how many coats and I am sure the painter will have his helpers do all the work.

The other quote is $675 with two coats and no primer but includes no materials. My next quote is $750 that includes two coats but I have to buy the materials and the painter called to let me know that he will come back to prime and paint the molding when it is replaced.

My floor guy was only going to put quarter rounds on the moulding on the wall but now I am wondering if I should have the floor guy remove the moulding so I can use shoe molding instead or bigger molding so it looks better?

I called my floor guy to tell him I need a little more time since I have to find out what day the painter could start. My floor guy said, he knows how to paint and has all the equipment to paint and was adding it as part of his jobs he is offering as he is making up new business cards. I told him he should have told me this sooner since I would have not wasted so much time interviewing people since it would be easier for the floor guy to do both. But now tonight I am starting to feel uncomfortable since I had a bad job done 2.5 years ago and I want someone that paints often to do my walls so they look professional in my home office and I do not like the floor guy's comment that when he said he would match the lowest bid's price that it better not be more than one coat. I want two coats and I want a professional job I told him so then he said, well then we have to come up with a fair price.

Now I am thinking of telling the floor guy, I really want to hire the painter with helpers and I am wondering if I am making a mistake? I am also wondering if it would be bad to ask the painter I like if he can do a little big better on the price maybe by $100 less which will still be the highest but I do like him the best.

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