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Are cloth diapers really meant for newborns?

21 years ago

Hello everyone! I have a question regarding cloth diapers. We have started a diaper service for Daphne (who is eight days old), but we are finding the diapers too big for her! She is only 7.5 pounds right now, and the diapers are 11 x 12.5 inches (their smallest size). I have folded them the way the company suggested (creating a "poop pocket"), but her little bottom looks HUGE! When I lay her down in them, her legs are slightly in the air. She just doesn't look comfortable to me. Since I have so many disposable newborn size diapers given to me at my baby shower, I am tempted to just finish them off before I start her in the cloth. DH disagrees with me, though.

Is it okay for the diapers to be so bulky?

-Angelique, mom to Daphne, born 1/14/02

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