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Streaks on ceiling....won't go

13 years ago

We painted the ceiling extra white using Sherwin Williams visible solutions (goes on pink changes to white) paint. I noticed a lot of streaks from the roller (SW roller that the store said would work well for textured plaster ceilings). So, I applied a 2nd coat. Still this point I've spent HOURS on this and it still looks bad. This is NOT a small room and kitchen area. Streaks everywhere. The ceiling is streaks from the cream color paint that was under...I'm talking streaks from cutting in...streaks from every single roller mark I made. I painted two ceilings in other rooms with this same paint and no streaks...same color, over the same plaster, over the same cream...what in the world is going on? At this point I'm so tired (my neck and shoulders are killing me) I don't want to just keep reapplying. Do we switch paint? Do we hire a painter? Do we need new rollers? I'm so frustrated and drained I just want to cry...HELP!

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