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Curly willow - what do you actually do with it?

13 years ago

Decided to break up my workday by going to a local shopping center at lunchtime (Cost Plus, Pier 1, Michael's and Ross all in a row). Of course I've seen the stuff before, but every store had these bundles of curly willow, bamboo, dried grass, sticks, and other miscellaneous stuff that, in my book, seems more like kindling than a decorative item. I guess this stuff is trendy, but a google image search didn't turn up a single attractive use of it....maybe I'm not looking in the right place.

I often see it in large nondescript vases in Craigslist furniture ads.

So does anyone have a pretty arrangement? Wouldn't there be more to it than stuffing a bunch of it in a vase?

And sort of in the same vein, what is up with reed diffusers? Holy cow. They are everywhere. I would like to try one, I think.

My home is not very trendy...I am going to go read the "granny decorating" thread :)

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