How long should paint 'cure' on furniture?

11 years ago

And I don't even know if cure is the right word. I'm painting the exterior of a chest. Primed with SW XIM oil base primer and I will paint with SW oil base enamel paint. I'm in Georgia and it's hot and humid but, because of that, I'm doing this project sqeezed into the kitchen of my nice air conditioned house. Just so that you know the conditions.

I am waiting 24 hours in between each coat of primer and/or paint.

My husband will eventually use the top of the lid as a luggage rack for his suitcase. I know that I may be doing touch up over the years. That's why I'm doing this with an old chest.

Is is "ready to use" when it's 24 hours past the time I finish painting it? Seems to me that it should "cure" a bit but that's just a wild guess on my part. I've never done this before so I haven't got a clue.

Should I leave it to cure without letting anything be put on top of it for a while once I'm done painting and, if so, for how long?

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