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'Cement' patch: can I do normal wallpaper removal/prep steps?

14 years ago


In the first step of removing the wallpaper from a wall, I discovered a mysterious patched area that looks it was filled with cement or some type of masonry:

The main wall is the original horsehair plaster. The patch doesn't look like any form of plaster mix or joint compound to me. It honestly looks like it was filled with cement.

My normal wallpaper removal/prep steps on the original horsehair plaster are: remove paper with hot water; Dif + water + scrubby to get glue residue; wash with Dirtex; put on Gardz; repair with Easysand; then it's OK to paint. These have served me well on the other walls in the room.

Do you think that I can still do the same steps (Dirtex, Gardz, etc) if this substance is some type of cement? Any pitfalls I should look out for?

And if it isn't cement, what other types of substances might it be?

I believe the previous owner put that wallpaper up in the 1950's--but whether it was already patched before him, is anyone's guess.

Thanks in advance!

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