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When did our adult children become perfect?

14 years ago

Why is it that adult children are super critical of their parents? As a parent there's no going back if you think your not cut out for the job. Most of us think we're doing or did do an ok sort of a job and then we have these so called experts telling us, we are doing it all wrong. Then further on down the track even more experts have now disagreed with the previous experts and we are still doing the parenting thing all wrong.

Why is it not forgiveable when I make a mistake? If I keep doing the same thing over and over again, fair enough but give parents a break. Most are trying their best which is usually never perfect but we have a good go at it. We are still only human afterall. We didn't take on superior abilities that prevented us from making those forgiveable mistakes that our children seem hell bent on making us pay a life time for. Needless to say you might get it right with one child but if you've had more than one then it's a gamble to see if the others approve of your parenting skills.

What I can see is a clear lack of respect for parents and this seems to be a sign of the times we are living in. A breaking down of the family and the authority within the family. A lack of respect not just for parents but authority in general.

When did our children even as adults, start holding themselves up as judge and jury of their parents? Seems to me we have a generation of sorry, sulky, sookie adults that still need their egos stroked a little to help them feel good about themselves. What are they going to do when things get a little tough, have a bit of a cry baby because they think they've had this terrible childhood?

Before anyone gets on my case, I am not talking about those who have been genuinely neglected and abused. They have a legitimate case but I do know of some who have had the most horrendous time of it as children but have come through it, landed on their feet and who you will never hear a single complaint from about how difficult they had it growing up. There seems to be a quiet strength and determination about them and I applaude them for not letting their experiences determine their lifes outcome.

I am just a tad annoyed with the self righteous attitude of some of these adult children. I can't live up to other people's expectations and I can't go back in time and change the way I did some things. I can be sorry about some of my choices but I can't let any mistakes rule the rest of my life where I'm afraid to have a go and take a risk.

So to all you big kids out there who are feeling very precious about themselves and their self righteous attitude, tuck those tender emotional bits away, pick up your toys and join in with the rest because this life is no dress rehearsal.

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