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Guess who came to dinner.....

14 years ago

It was a fun evening Thursday, Annie and Elery came for dinner. I felt like I had known Elery for a long time when in fact it was the first meeting. What a nice guy...Annie is sure a lucky gal and I could tell that Elery feels like he's one lucky guy....which we all know is true...he really is!

They came bearing wine, raclette cheese, habarno gold pepper jelly and a jar of Jessie's fig jam.... I was supposed to go to Annie's a couple of weeks ago for the get together, that's when Jessy sent the jam. I'm anxious to open the jam....but waiting a little so I have time to really enjoy it....I want to make something worthy of putting the jam on...

Thank you Annie, Elery and Jessy!!!!!!!

We started dinner with cheese, crackers, wine, croissants (just out of the oven) and some wine jelly I wanted Annie to taste. I've got the bug to make some special wine jelly myself and I wanted Annie's opinion....I've decided I love wine jelly.

Here's our salad...greens, fresh pears, dried cherries, walnuts and asiago with a cherry vinaigrette.

Dinner was lake perch, Lemon Baked Risotto, sugar snap peas.

Dessert...Creamy Pumpkin Strudels with Maple Whipped Cream.

Both the Risotto and the Pumpkin Strudels were new recipes, I'll be making both again, they were good.

I hated to have Elery and Annie was great to be able to sit and chat.


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