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bought a new kitchen gadget, but don't know how to use it!

13 years ago

I was in the Good Will and saw what I thought I thought was a potato ricer. Apparently, it's a Spatzle press instead. I don't know what a spatzle is (I did google it though). I don't think I'll ever make spatzle (unless you all convince me I should!).

Anyway, I don't see a reason it shouldn't work as a ricer except that it's really hard to press all the way down and I don't know I'm going to break it. Also, there's a red knob on it to adjust something, but I don't know what it's for. It came with the book, but the directions are in some foreign language and I can't read them! I only paid 4.99 for it, so no big loss if I have to throw it away. Except that I can get a real metal new ricer at Target for 8 dollars! I guess I wasn't thinking when I bought it!

Of course the reason that I needed a new ricer is because my baby ricer I got from the same Good Will for just 1 dollar is just too little. I got it just to see if I'd like riced potatoes, and I do. However, it only fits about 1/4th of a potato at at time which makes for tedious preparation. Also, the plate with holes is removable for "easy cleaning", but it comes out during use (had a garlic press like that once, what an awful thing to do to someone... gave it to the ex LOL!).

Here's the baby press:'

Thanks for any insight :O)

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