MBR Walk-In Closet: Need Ideas & Pics

11 years ago

This is a x-post from the Organizing Forum. DH & I are now starting to plan our MBR walk-in closet remodel. This is just an average sized closet, not a bedroom-sized luxury model ;^D

So, I'm looking for a practical closet design that maximizes the space it has. I have a couple of questions and am hoping for some feedback, ideas and pictures.

(1) Have any of you used mirrored doors on cabinets INSIDE your own walk-in closets to expand it visually . . . or do you have any pics of this idea? I've been thinking about the idea for the past year now, but have never seen it used anywhere . . . until just lately. It was used in a recent (to me) HGTV Designer's Challenge episode where a decorator redid a couple's MBR suite. They showed just a brief glimpse of the finished closet, but it was EXACTLY what I'd been thinking of for our closet! Two sets of narrow, bi-fold mirrored doors used opposite the main closet door on a tallish expanse of shallow cubbies for shoes . . . lots of shoes! It successfully enclosed a very busy area (visually) , keeping it fairly dust-free. It also acted as a full-length mirror to check out outfits in. It expanded the closet visually and brought in more light, as well. It was shallow enough to not take much away from the rod and drawer areas. And, oh that extra storage!!

I'd love to do the same thing in our closet but would appreciate having some pics to show DH. I'm also anxious to see how the areas in the rest of the closet were designed to work with this. I'd use mine for shoes, purses and ? . . . the possibilities are exciting to think about!

I've looked on a few closet sites, but haven't found that option listed.

(2) Do you have, or have you ever seen, large, roll-out storage drawers built in a walk-in closet along the floor . . . as opposed to just in narrow, tall stacks of drawers? DH is trying to talk me into adding a stretch of them in our closet for out of season storage. We have a lot of dust out here in the mountains of New Mexico. We also have a Tibetan Spaniel whose long fur creates giant dust bunnies that attach themselves to all our hanging slacks. DH thinks that one solution might be to raise the rods up higher and add the drawers under the slack rods. I realize that we could just raise the rods higher without adding the drawers, but we're looking to maximize our storage options as much as possible. We have under-the-floor radiant heated brick floors, BTW.

Many thanks for any and all pics, suggestions and comments!


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