To prime or not to prime

14 years ago

Hi. I posted this question on the Home Building Forum and thought I'd post it here too in case the pros on this board have some insight. Thanks.

We are in the process of gathering our painting bids for our exterior. We did the interior ourselves but are too afraid of heights to tackle the outside:) Anyway, roughly half of the painters we talked to recommend priming the preprimed HardiPlank siding claiming that because of all the caulking, etc. the paint adheres better. A few painters said they only spot prime the areas that need it and one said that they don't prime at all. Now I know that the caulking and cedar rails should be primed before painting but what do you think about the preprimed siding? Is it redundant? My bids are almost $1,000 higher for those wanting to prime the whole thing. I don't want to do more than is necessary but I want a nice paint job too. If you have Hardiplank, what did your painters do?

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