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His & Her Bath - Draft One - Comments?

13 years ago

If you all remember my earlier post about His & Her master baths as opposed to one large master bath... Well, here's Draft 1 of our proposed floor plan for your comments and suggestions. The main bedroom area is shown in yellow (15' x 18'), with closets & storage furniture in purple, and the bathroom(s) in green.

Since my husband sleeps on the left side, his bath is right behind his side of the bed, just to the right when you enter the master suite. The main open area in his bath is about 6' x 11', with a 6' x 7' shared shower separating the two sides. Her bath main area is 9' x 11' with a freestanding tub.

My main concern with this plan is the 'walk through' shower. On the one hand, I like a shared shower. I like that the shower is large, and that it works for one person or two. I also like that the doors would be glass, but the walls bordering the tub and his toilet would be tiled, so the showering person actually has a lot of privacy. (Not to mention two doors between his toilet and her grooming area.)

But at 6' x 7', the shower is (IMO) too big to be comfortable. So I put in a 'niche wall' for shampoos, soaps, etc. But would putting in that niche wall make both the shower side and 'pass-through hallway' too narrow at just under 3' each? And would it even feel right to walk through the shower to get from his bath to hers? Though that 'walk through' portion would probably only get minimally wet because of the niche wall...

So that's dilemma #1. Does the shower work? Is it a size problem that adding (or shaving) a foot or two would fix? Or does walking through the shower to get from one side to the other not work at all conceptually?

Your thoughts?

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