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master bath size and his/her questions for mcm house

10 years ago

I have been stuck in an eternal remodel for a mcm house I bought a couple yrs. ago. I had to gut it to the studs and basically start over, keeping the exterior walls. The house is almost all glass, with periodic stretches of red rock and block. It is 3800 sq. ft., 5 bedrooms, 4 baths.

I got most of the house finished before I needed a break. I'm ready to start planning the next phase. This phase will include a new master bath, possibly moving a guest bath, new flooring throughout the house, new landscaping, exterior stucco repair and paint, and a new barn style sliding panel door for the master bedroom.

The master bath area consists of two walk-in closets, a dressing area, and a bath. The problem is that I dont think I have enough space to do what I want. There is about 315 sq. ft. of space, and I would love to have his/her bathrooms or at least toilets and his/her closets....PLUS sacrifice some of the space for a small bath for the adjacent room. The room adjacent to the master bath is the bird room were my two parrots’ cages are. It has a bathroom that I have already remodeled (with an orange shower!), which has a pocket door opening to the dining room/great room and a second pocket door opening into the room. There is also a second entryway into the room. If the doors are open, you directly look at the toilet from the dining table. It is not a private bathroom and for this reason, no one has ever used it. I leave both doors open because it lets more light into the room for my birds, plus I like being able to see the other side of the house when in the dining room. It makes the house feel more open. Also, it lets the birds see the front and back yards and into the main room and not feel so closed off.

The guest bath does not need to be large, but I do want at least a small shower. I think I can salvage most of what I have already installed, except for the orange shower. I want to gut the wall and doorway between the bird room and dining room and put a large sliding barn style (but modern) door, so the room can be opened up or closed. It seems that it could then be used as a dining room, tv room, guest room or office (but I will keep it as a parrot room). As the master bedroom will also have a hanging barn style door, I hope two of these style doors wont look too redundant.
Also, with the rest of the master space, does anyone think there is room to squeeze in a his/her bath or at least his/her toilets and walkin closets? I have rough measurements below. I am working with an architect who said that if I have to choose to do a his/her toilet and wall in the guest bath to make it more private. I believe you will still hear pple using the toilet and I really would like to open the space up.
I hope this isnt too long of a post and I appreciate anyone who is still reading it. Thank you!

Pics of two doors into guest bath. The space with the yellow dresser will be lengthened and made into a bar/credenza:


BIrd room:

More pics of house at this link:


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