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Coping with the Estrangement of Adult Children

13 years ago

Sadly, my adult children and I are estranged from each other. It's a long story that I won't go into at this time but I always thought that my situation was unique until I read the many sad stories in this forum. What I didn't read were suggestions on how to cope with this tragedy of parent/child estrangement, therefore, I have come up with a few suggestions. If anyone reading this would please add to my list it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe together we can help each other.

1. My adult children do not contact me whatsoever and for a while I decided to ignore these snubs and send them occasional Emails anyway telling them how and what I am doing. However, never getting a response makes me wonder if I am not setting myself up for ridicule like not getting the message that no contact with me is wanted.

2. Getting a pet is a great coping mechanism as you have another being that is grateful for your love and affection and needs you as much as you need the pet.

3. Volunteer with seniors, children or animals - it is very rewarding and volunteer help is always needed.

4. Start a new hobby to take your mind off things you cannot change.

5. Lastly, pray for your peace of mind so that being ignored by children you have loved and cared for most of your life will not cause you anymore pain.

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