The worst thing that could happen


Hi craftmom again. Just keep us in your prayers on this one. IThe law is involed already.

DD (21-yr,) was dating a sexual prevert & is PG with his child. We did not know what he had been to prison for. He always told us it was for joy ridding. Not true He also gave us so many other lies I don't think we will every Know all of them.

This prevert got out of Older Dd's bed & raped my 14-yr old.

Treatend her with brecking her neck if she told. She was brave enough to tell as soon as we were alone. She is doing better then I am.

The prevert ran when shiref went to get warrent. But he was caught Tuesday. I hope he gets life.

If he had told us what he had been in prison for , He would never have been anywhere around any of us.

Our 20-yr old DD which I have been running a thread about for serval weeks found out about this & is trying to take Dd. I will post more as it happens.

Thank you for caring craftmom

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I will keep you and your family in my prayers. This is a tough situation, and I truly wish you the best out of a bad situation.


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Craftmom, I am so sorry. Please make sure that your 14 YO gets outside counseling, and get a victim's advocate to help you deal with the legal system.

Here is a link that might be useful: rape victim's services

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Oh goodness, Craft mom! I"m so sorry. But let me get things straight - is the pervert boyfriend of your older daughter in jail? Gone for good? I'm not sure it makes much sense for the girlfriend of this offender to try to take away your younger daughter. Just hang in there; we're all praying for you. We will also pray that the older daughter comes around and sees what's going on around her....keep us posted.

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Let me explain a little more DD from not allowed to see grandchild is trying to take dd.
Another Dd was dating prevert.
3 DD's one 21, girlfriend
one 20, trying to take dd
one 14, pervert got hold of.
Hope this helps. craftmom_9

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I am so sorry to hear this. How hard this must be on all of you! (((((((((((to you all)))))))))))

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